Dehns is one of the best known and most highly regarded intellectual property firms in Norway, with a long and proud history of working with Norwegian innovators, dating back almost 50 years.

We understand the issues companies face when commercialising their IP and appreciate the importance of covering all potential aspects relating to a new technology. In this way we are able to maximise the value of the IP to the company, for example when seeking investment or when licensing the technology.

Our acquisition of Leogriff, one of Norway’s leading IP Consultancies, in January 2021 has further strengthened our position in the Norwegian market, in addition to now having an office in Oslo.

3 Dehns represents the top three patent application filers in Norway
470 Dehns filed 470 trade mark applications in 2023
3,350 Dehns filed 3,350 European Patent applications in 2023
6,763 Dehns filed a total of 6,763 patent applications in 2023

Our clients

We work with a wide range of organisations, from universities and research institutes, to start-ups, SMEs and multinationals. This is a diverse group whose needs are not all the same; however, common themes arise again and again: value, accessibility, freedom to operate and transparency, on top of a need for first rate and pragmatic advice.



Kongsberg Ferrotech




Our experience

Dehns has a very close working relationship with many of innovation networks and technology incubators. The Science Park (Forskningsparken) in Oslo is home to various technology incubators, including Norway Health Tech (previously Oslo Medtech), the Aleap incubator (for start-ups and more established companies in the health sector), StartupLab (an incubator for hi-tech companies), and also ShareLab, (for start-ups in the Life Sciences and Biotechnology sectors). Dehns also collaborate with organisations such as Kjeller Innovasjon and Kongsverg Innovasjon. These incubators provide the starting point for many of the spin-out companies from the from universities and research institutes; Dehnsoffers individual and practical IP support for the companies and individuals that are members of all the incubators mentioned above.

To do this, members of the Dehns’ team visit the Science Park on a monthly basis (this is known as “DehnsDag”) to offer IP advice to any companies, which require support, in addition to making more frequent trips to visit existing clients as and when required. Since March 2020, we have been running these DehnsDag IP clinics via zoom.

The acquisition of Leogriff, one of Norway’s leading IP Consultancies, in January 2021 has further strengthened this offering now we have a permanent office in Oslo

Dehns is sensitive to the tight budgets of the early stage companies and thus any initial consultations are provided free of charge. Dehns also provides educational seminars to these networks on a range of topics of interest in the patent field and the IP field in general. The Dehns’ team also provides similar IP support at the Oslo Cancer Cluster (OCC) which is a renowned oncology research and industry cluster located on the same site as the Oslo University Hospital. Although this arrangement is designed to provide maximum support to the companies, through the provision of this support and service the Dehns’ attorneys naturally acquire hands-on experience with the particular types of issues and concerns start-up and spin-out companies face, leaving them well equipped to provide focused and tailored advice to other such companies.

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