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07 Mar 2024
Visual differences between trade marks were decisive in recent success for Dehns Trade Mark team

Dehns attorneys Joseph Letang and Alexandra Nott recently helped a longstanding and valued client of the firm, Palatine Hill AS (a Norwegian company specialising in nutritional products), secure registration for a new brand name in the EU.

06 Mar 2024
Filing patent applications for “mind-bendingly difficult” technologies

ORCA Computing use photonics for quantum computing rather than traditional silicon or ion trap technology. Their work is based on incredibly complex atomic physics technologies – it has been described as “mind-bendingly difficult”. Dehns Partner, Dr Mark Bell, has been handling ORCA’s work since 2015.

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12 Oct 2023
Identifying patentable next generation inventions

Strix is the world leader in kettle controls. With 56% of the global kettle control market, their products are used 1 billion times a day across the world.

12 Oct 2023
IP considerations in the acquisition of a new company

Dehns has supported Strix, the world leader in kettle controls, for over 50 years and has played a major role in their international growth and expansion. Laura Ramsay, Dehns Partner in the Engineering Group, has been working with Strix for 20 years and has acted as their client manager for the last 10 years. Clare Mann, Dehns Partner in the Trade Mark Group has been working with Strix for over 20 years and manages their global trade mark portfolio.

01 Oct 2021
Rapid patent filing and prosecution

Oxford Flow Ltd designs, manufactures and sells industrial pressure regulators using innovative technology to provide new levels of performance for natural gas transmission, water distribution, oil and gas, and process industries.

30 Sep 2021
Funding application support

Dehns has been working with this particular University Technology Transfer Office for almost 10 years.

The TTO had submitted an application for funding for one of their projects but it was initially rejected because they had overlooked the importance of their intellectual property. The IP section of their funding application was deemed inadequate so they asked for our help.

22 Jun 2021
Developing a licencing strategy

Camurus AB is a Swedish research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology company specialising in the commercialisation of innovative specialty medicines for treating serious and chronic diseases, where there are clear medical needs and potential to significantly improve treatment.

19 May 2021
Using the Green Channel for fast examination and grant of a UK patent

MyEnergi is a young and growing UK company designing and manufacturing renewable energy products for the home, such as the “zappi”, a multi-award winning eco-smart electric vehicle charger, and the “eddi”, a controller for solar power generation systems.

30 Nov 2020
Plotting out an IP Roadmap for a client

airMont AS is a small Norwegian start-up that provides digital services directed to improving air quality. Dehns has worked with airMont since their inception, advising on matters relating to IP and innovation management.

30 Nov 2020
Advising a UK SME on a licence agreement with a US company

Ketonex offers the custom design and synthesis of high performance engineering thermoplastics for additive layer manufacturing (ALM) techniques.

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