One of the attractions of a trade mark registration is that it can be renewed in perpetuity.

However, a registration can easily be lost if the necessary renewal and maintenance formalities are not attended to at the appropriate intervals (usually every 10 years), which could have serious commercial consequences for any trade mark owner. We therefore offer our clients a dedicated Renewals Service, designed to ensure that these formalities are dealt with in the most reliable, cost-effective and timely manner possible.

Our Renewals Service actively monitors clients’ renewal deadlines (and any related deadlines), issues reminders at the appropriate times and attends to the required formalities (either directly or, where necessary, in collaboration with our overseas associates). The specialist knowledge, IT resources and experience that come with this dedicated service also means that we can provide our clients with advance warning on the precise documentary requirements and fees involved in renewing a particular registration, no matter what the jurisdiction.

We are also able to provide our clients with expert advice on the goods and/or services for which a particular registration should be renewed, and indeed on whether renewal is appropriate, taking into account our clients’ evolving commercial interests, the protection afforded by other trade marks in their portfolio, and developments in trade mark law. For instance, in some cases it may be that there is an overlap in protection which has arisen since the mark was originally registered or last renewed, or that the existing protection needs supplementing or replacing so as to more accurately reflect the way in which the mark in question is used. Moreover, since we do not charge our clients for monitoring their renewal deadlines or for sending them renewal reminders, clients wishing to allow a particular registration to lapse at renewal can do so without incurring any costs.