We have an outstanding team of over 130 patent professionals specialising in all types of science and technology fields.

We have a team of over 100 patent professionals working in a comprehensive range of engineering fields, including: physical sciences, photonics, nanotechnology, medical devices, mass spectrometry, electronics, AI and software.

We also have a team of 30 patent professionals specialising in the biotechnology, life science, pharmaceutical, chemistry and biochemistry sectors.

To highlight the strength of our patent business, Dehns has filed the most number of patent applications of any UK firm in each of the last five years and has filed the most European Patent applications of any European firm in two out of the last four years (2016 and 2019).

Dehns is also working on more Oppositions than any other UK firm; we are currently handling more than 440 live Opposition cases at the European Patent Office (EPO).

What is a patent?

A patent for an invention is granted by the government to the applicant, giving the applicant the right for a limited period to stop others from making, using or selling the invention without the permission of the applicant.

Patents are territorial rights; a UK patent will only give the holder rights within the United Kingdom and rights to stop others from importing the patented products into the United Kingdom.

Patents are granted for inventions and are generally intended to cover products or processes that possess or contain new functional or technical aspects. The vast majority of patents are granted for incremental improvements in known technology.

We offer a complete patenting service which aims to secure the broadest defensible protection anywhere in the world. Our clients range from international corporations through to small enterprises and private inventors. Find out more about our services below:

Strong patent drafting is the cornerstone of a valuable patent portfolio. We recognise the importance of taking the right amount of care in drafting applications to ensure that they will give robust and flexible protection for inventions.

We are able to draw on our vast experience of drafting and prosecuting applications in every major jurisdiction to ensure that our clients benefit from up-to-date knowledge to find the optimum strategy for every case.

Dehns has one of the most experienced Opposition practices in Europe with several partners recognised as genuine leaders and experts in this area.

What really sets Dehns apart in relation to our Oppositions experience is our use of this experience – the knowledge gained through the Oppositions cases is fed back to our attorneys and used to inform and influence our prosecution practice. In this way, all Dehns attorneys draft and prosecute applications more efficiently and effectively, and are able to avoid certain issues which may have been highlighted as a result of an Opposition case. This is another example where we are pro-active and always looking to add value throughout every process.

Although it is usually in our clients’ best interests to avoid litigation, they benefit from knowing that we have the knowledge and expertise to support and advise them in any potentially contentious situation.

We can undertake ad hoc or regular watching services to monitor third party patent activity in a particular sector. This can be by subject area, specific names or a combination of both. Results can be provided manually or electronically either with or without analysis.

We have significant experience in carrying out due diligence exercises as part of potential investments or corporate transactions and can work with other professional advisers in devising comprehensive yet cost-effective strategies.

We can help realise the value of intellectual property through assignments and licences. We have experience that allows us to advise on the practical as well as the legal issues that need to considered so that our clients get the result which is right for them.

Dehns is known for its ability to deal with high volumes of prosecution work, while always maintaining a high standard of quality; we are always pro-active in prosecuting any cases on behalf of our clients, adding value wherever we can in the process. This reputation has been proved to be correct year after year as highlighted by the various testimonials from the leading legal and IP directories, in addition to the fact that we have retained those high volume clients who value the quality of the prosecution work we undertake on their behalf.

We can provide opinions on infringement, validity or novelty of granted patents or pending applications whether they are held by clients or by third parties. Opinions can range from brief initial guidance to full formal written opinions depending upon the circumstances.

Occasionally where appropriate we can seek verification of an opinion by a senior barrister. We can also advise you on the UK Intellectual Property Office’s opinion service.

Dehns has its own specialised in-house patent renewal and annuity department which provides a seamless service to clients and ensures the utmost reliability. However we are happy to work with clients’ existing arrangements where preferred.

We carry out comprehensive reviews and audits of IP portfolios for many different purposes, for example where we are asked to take over management of a portfolio from another firm or where a rights holder wishes to identify cost savings or opportunities for extracting greater value from its portfolio.

An important type of audit which we are asked to carry out is to identify inventions and other potential intellectual property rights in a project or organisation where the opportunities for protection have not previously been fully identified. This is sometimes a service we are able to carry out without charge.

How do I file a patent application?

The basis of a UK patent application is a legal document called a specification. Its contents determine whether a patent can be granted. You would be well advised to employ the services of a qualified Patent Attorney, who will have the necessary technical and legal skills to prepare the specification. The specification will contain a full description of the invention. It is absolutely vital that you put all the necessary information about the invention in the description.

The application would also normally comprise claims. These set out exactly what is to be covered by the patent and must be carefully drafted to maximise protection for an invention. Finally, the application may contain drawings to illustrate the invention. Once the application text has been prepared, this is filed at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

Patent sectors

Our specialist practice groups serve clients in the fields of:

Patent marking

Patent marking refers to the act of displaying a patent number (or patent application number) on a patented product.

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