We offer a comprehensive trade mark audit service, involving a complete review and evaluation of your trade mark portfolio, in order to ensure that it meets the needs of your business.

We carry out a comparison of your use and your existing trade mark applications and registrations, in order to determine whether your portfolio provides adequate coverage for all of your trade marks, in each of the jurisdictions in which you are trading. We also determine whether your existing protection requires strengthening, by checking whether any of your existing marks are vulnerable to cancellation for non-use and may need to be re-filed.

The audit also incorporates a rationalisation exercise, whereby we consider whether any aspects of the portfolio can be rationalised, in order to reduce costs and maximise efficiency. For example, it may be possible to merge registrations in order to reduce renewal costs, allow registrations for trade marks which are no longer of interest to lapse and so on.

Once we have conducted the review, we provide you with a summary of the findings and recommendations for action, including advice on filing strategy (if required).