Inspiring stories from role models in our network

Dehns values diversity and equal opportunities for all, allowing us to promote an inclusive and enriched working environment. We are extremely proud of the support and development we offer our female employees, and the fact that c.40% of our 40 partners and c.50% of the firm are women.

As part of our commitment to inspire and encourage young girls in science, technology, engineering and maths, we have interviewed a number of women in our firm and wider network to highlight their achievements and find out more about their experiences of pursuing a career in STEM.



WIS Scientist

PODCAST: Women in STEM episode 2

In episode two of our special “Women in STEM” podcast series, we interview Rebecca Gardner (Partner) and Rosie Lawrence (Technical Assistant).  Rebecca and Rosie work in the Dehns Biotech team and are based in our Brighton office. With Rebecca starting her career in the mid-90s and Rosie joining the workplace in 2020, this episode delves into their different experiences – during their studies and when entering the workplace – and the effect of increased diversity in STEM.

The IP Podcast: Women in STEM episode 2

" Do not assume that a woman in STEM has to look or behave in a certain way. Be yourself. Challenge yourself "

Elizabeth Jones, Senior Partner at Dehns

International Women in Engineering day

As part of International Women in Engineering Day 2021, we interviewed members of the Dehns Engineering team to find out more about challenging the STEM career stereotype.

" I think it’s important for young women to see other women in engineering roles – they need to see that they can do these things too "

Iram Ali, Technical Assistant at Dehns

WIS Scientist

PODCAST: Women in STEM episode 1

In this special podcast, you’ll hear from some of the women in the Dehns senior management team, Elizabeth JonesLouise GoldingDeborah Owen and Sarah Richmond. They discuss their STEM career journey, from the challenges they’ve faced, the current STEM landscape and how it has changed, and also what they love about their STEM careers and working in IP.

The IP Podcast: Women in STEM