Dehns Consulting can provide a range of standard or bespoke workshops tailored to your requirements.

One-day Workshop

Dehns Consulting offers a one-day workshop package in which we will work with you to gain an understanding of your current IP and to help you plan for the future. The content of the workshop can be tailored according to need, but topics generally covered include:

  • Discussion of your products and services and business goals to identify your innovations and brands and generation of your IP Roadmap
  • Interactive session to discuss current ideas in the pipeline to identify and capture more IP
  • Preliminary consideration of ‘Freedom to Operate’ and ‘Freedom to Use’ risks
  • Collaborative planning of an IP strategy for the future
  • You will be presented with a report after the workshop that summarises our findings and is suitable for presenting to potential investors

IP 101

Dehns Consultancy also offers a half-day ‘IP 101’ package, which serves as an introduction to IP for managers, the R&D team, and/or the marketing team, as well as other members of your team that may benefit from learning more about IP. This educational talk provides a jargon-free, high-level introduction to important IP concepts of which all stakeholders should be aware. The workshop includes interactive elements to help participants get to grips with the various IP elements that they should be thinking about when going about their day jobs.

Topics covered include:

  • What is IP?
  • Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, and Copyright
  • Trade Secrets and Know-how
  • IP Strategy considerations
  • Invention harvesting and capture techniques

Case study