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26 Oct 2023
WEBINAR: An Introduction to IP – Trade Marks

In this webinar Alexandra Nott and Adam Kellett discuss the sorts of trade marks that can be protected, the benefits of registering a trade mark, and the process for doing so.

22 Aug 2023
Picking and Protecting a Trade Mark

How to pick the right trade marks and ensure they are adequately protected.

14 Feb 2022
IP Glossary

This glossary helps explain the most commonly used words and terms in Intellectual Property (IP).

12 Feb 2022
Trade Mark Application Timeline

Download our simplified guide to the trade mark application process, including timescales and costs.

10 Feb 2022
Patent Application Timeline

Watch our short video for a simplified timeline of the patent process, from application to grant.

09 Feb 2022
European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) Applications

Download our simplified guide to the European Union trade mark (EUTM) application process, including timescales and costs.

08 Feb 2022
What is a Patent?

A patent is the grant of a monopoly right for an idea or development which is new and not obvious over anything that was previously known. It provides a right in the country concerned to prevent others from using an invention in return for public disclosure of the invention.

06 Feb 2022
What is Copyright?

Copyright is a right that exists automatically in new or original works, such as artistic, dramatic, literary or musical works. It enables the owner to control use of their work, to be identified as the creator of certain kinds of work, to object to the distortion or mutilation of it and, perhaps most importantly, to make gain commercial through the exploitation of their creative material.

04 Feb 2022
What is a Trade Mark?

A Trade Mark is a sign which serves to distinguish the goods or services of one trader from those of another. Registering a trade mark gives the owner the exclusive right to use the mark in relation to specified goods or services. A trade mark can be a very valuable asset to a business.

03 Feb 2022
Design Protection

As well as designing a product to work efficiently, most manufacturers make a significant investment in the appearance of their products. Products such as Dyson vacuum cleaners and iMac computers are as well known for their original appearance as for their technical capabilities. Such investment often brings a high return in terms of value added to products, but how can that investment be protected?