In many collaborations or relationships, particularly those based on technology, the treatment and management of any IP is absolutely critical to success. Our detailed, practical knowledge of how IP works allows us to give invaluable support in the negotiation of licences and other agreements.

From an initial Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) through to Memoranda of Understanding (MoU), joint development agreements, licences and assignments, we can assist and advise at every step to ensure that your best interests are protected, not only when everything goes as planned, but also when the unexpected arises.

For smaller clients and start-ups, this often means dealing with the ‘standard’ agreements provided by larger companies, which may not always be appropriate to the circumstances, so we can help with your understanding of these and, where required, can suggest amendments so an agreement is more relevant to you and your business. In all circumstances, we will always advise you with your best interests and your commercial objectives as the primary drivers.


Key services include:

  • Helping with licence agreements or collaboration agreements
  • Helping to find partners and licensees (e.g. through landscaping techniques)
  • Assisting with obtaining licences from third parties