After many years of working with Dehns, a medium-sized Norwegian technology company requested a valuation of the entire IP portfolio to present to shareholders and to help inform decisions being made by the board.

After a decade of working alongside Dehns to build an impressive patent portfolio, it was decided that it was time to take stock of the financial value reflected by the client’s IP. As the years had passed, some elements of the portfolio related to product lines that had been dropped, while other patents had stood the test of time and were still core to products many years after the initial patent filing.

In order to help gauge what the client had achieved with their IP spend, the board had requested a review of the portfolio to determine the value of the patents and to help guide decision-making and budgets in the near future.

Dehns Partner Adrian Samuels and IP Consultant Sam Cleary agreed that in light of the patent portfolio having been developed by Dehns, it would be best if the valuation itself came from an independent third party. Using Dehns’ extensive network of trusted partners with relevant expertise, Adrian and Sam worked closely with an expert in patent valuation that they knew would provide reliable valuation advice.

While the numerical valuation itself was carried out by an external consultant independent of Dehns, Adrian and Sam were a key part of the valuation process, helping the valuation expert to understand the large patent portfolio and how each of the patent families mapped to the client’s various product lines.

The client and Dehns were able to put together a team that each brought relevant expertise to help with the valuation project. The client was able to supply commercial information relating to sales history and forecast as well as details relating to the company’s finances, while Dehns were able to provide insights into the relative value of each of the patent families and which technology groups they each belonged to.

Due to Dehns’ network of experts and the unparalleled insights into the client’s portfolio that the team had from working closely with the client for many years, the client was provided with a robust valuation for the entire IP portfolio that also gave an indication of the relative values of each of the patent families so that informed portfolio management decisions can be made.