Preventing third parties from using or registering trade marks that are the same as, of confusingly similar, to your own, is key to maintaining a strong brand. We have many years' experience in prosecuting and defending oppositions and advising on matters of trade mark infringement.

Where a conflict or potential conflict arises, we can advise as to the strength of your position, whether you are the party looking to bring the action, or are in the position of having to defend an action, or threatened action, by a third party.

We take a pragmatic view in our dealings and will, wherever appropriate, try to settle contentious matters amicably to the client’s satisfaction, in order to avoid the cost and uncertainty involved in fully contested opposition proceedings or a formal court action for trade mark infringement.  In the case of an alleged infringement of one of your trade marks, we can prepare and issue a “cease and desist” letter to the other party with a view to achieving a resolution of the matter without the need to take the matter to court.  In cases where a formal court action is initiated, we will manage the litigation process on your behalf and provide the appropriate litigation support.