Effective trade mark watching and monitoring is fundamental to the maintenance of a strong and enforceable trade mark portfolio, as it helps to prevent the dilution of one's trade mark and to identify potential sources of conflict, including potential infringers.

We would strongly recommend that all trade mark owners ensure that they have the appropriate trade mark watches in place. We offer a full range of trade mark watching and monitoring services to suit all budgets and requirements.


Domain name and company name watching

In addition to our trade mark watching services, we also offer domain name watching and company name watching services, whereby the trade mark owner will be alerted to any applications for the registration of a domain name or company name respectively which conflicts with the watched trade mark(s)/name(s). Our domain name watch covers most generic top level and country-code second level domain names, whilst the company name watch monitors new incorporations and changes of company names on the UK Companies House register. In the event that a watch highlights a conflicting domain name or company name, we are able to advise on the options available to you for taking action against the conflicting name.


Status watches and applicant watches

We are also able to conduct status watches against specific trade marks, and applicant watches against the published applications of a specified applicant (.e.g. a competitor).

Tailor-made watching packages

We can put together a tailor-made watching package to include any combination of trade marks, classes and countries, as well as any domain name or company name watches you may require.copyright, the owner can take legal action to stop this and to recover damages.



The cost of setting up trade mark, domain name and company watches varies depending on the nature of the watch, and the number of marks/names, classes and countries involved. We will always seek to provide you with the most cost-effective solution.