Dehns Consulting has access to a large number of local and global IP data sources, including sophisticated tools developed in-house, which can help provide the information you need to make informed, effective and ultimately successful business decisions based on data rather than on gut instinct alone.

We do this by firstly understanding your business objectives, your IP and your immediate concerns, and then using our data sources to find the relevant information needed to address your concerns. Then, through analysis of the data and any further investigations, we create a bespoke report providing you with the information you need to enable your organisation to make the most well-informed decision possible.

The results of the investigations may help you decide on target markets, to steer marketing plans, to identify potential licensees for your IP, or for many other applications.


Examples of how we use our expertise in this field include:

  • Landscaping: We are highly skilled and experienced at using various techniques to gain a high-level overview of the IP ‘landscape’, e.g. to look for trends and to identify where there might be some ‘white space’ in the market.
  • Competitor investigations: We work to establish what your competitors are doing and what their IP strategy is: what technology are they filing patent applications for, where are they filing those applications, how successful is a competitor at getting patents granted, etc.
  • Data-driven insights: We use data to uncover filing trends, identify key players in the market and their activities, and draw meaningful conclusions backed by that data.
  • Trade Mark Screening and Clearance/Freedom to Use Searching: We offer trade mark screening solutions designed to assess a trade mark’s viability and eliminate potential conflicts as quickly and easily as possible. We also offer a wide range of more in-depth search solutions/packages, giving access to the comprehensive information needed to assess the availability of a particular trade mark/brand name trade mark for use and registration.
  • Creative Name Generation and Brand Analysis: We have access to tools that automate the process of brainstorming new names, whilst simultaneously analysing their suitability and availability for use, enabling you to make informed decisions about the potential usability of a proposed trade mark/brand name, quickly and efficiently.

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