Dehns offers tailored support to in-house counsel in many different ways. For some of our clients we handle all their European filing and prosecution work, but we can also act as a flexible resource to help manage fluctuating caseloads.

Other clients rely on us to coordinate global prosecution, or for patent drafting. One of the most valued services we are able to offer is in filing and defending EPO oppositions. Our sheer breadth of experience in opposition work makes us a key part of the global IP team for many major corporations.

What all our in-house counsel clients appreciate is our practical, commercially-led approach and attorneys who speak their language and can see the bigger picture. What they also expect is a firm that understands the importance of managing budgets, who can integrate with their IP management system and who will have the expertise, whatever the field, to deliver the same quality of service that they do.

It is no coincidence that many of the major corporations on our client list not only retain us but have steadily come to rely on us for a majority of their European work.


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