In 2019, the UK reached the milestone of over 1 million women working in STEM occupations, and 2020 statistics show this number continues to grow.

As a firm with over 40% of our partnership identifying as female, we are proud of our gender diversity and the number of women working in STEM within the firm.

The 11th of February is The International Day of Women and Girls in Science.  To mark this day, and honour the effort the global community has made in inspiring and engaging women and girls in science, technology, maths and engineering, we wanted to add our voices, as the lack of visibility of female role models is one of the key factors that contribute to gender stereotypes across these industries, which can influence a girl’s choice in deciding whether to pursue an education or career in STEM.

As in the real world, the world on screen reflects similar biases – the 2015 Gender Bias Without Borders study by the Geena Davis Institute showed that of the onscreen characters with an identifiable STEM job, only 12 per cent were women. Long-standing biases and gender stereotypes are steering girls and women away from science related fields.

In this special WOMEN IN STEM episode, you’ll hear from some of the women in the Dehns senior management team, Elizabeth JonesLouise GoldingDeborah Owen and Sarah Richmond. They discuss their STEM career journey, from the challenges they’ve faced, the current STEM landscape and how it has changed, and also what they love about their STEM careers and working in IP.

We hope this will be useful to any girls or women who are considering a career in STEM and for those already working in these fields, you may find yourself nodding along, as you relate to their experiences.

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