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13 Jan 2022
The use of NDAs in IP

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) have been in the news recently as having been used to buy people’s silence in order to cover up potentially embarrassing revelations regarding inappropriate behaviour. The use of NDAs in these circumstances has been criticised as being unethical when they may have been used to suppress the reporting of allegedly unlawful incidents.

11 Jan 2022
The Patent Box

The Patent Box is a tax relief scheme to incentivise companies to locate their research and development (R&D) activities in the UK.

Under this government scheme, UK companies can benefit from a reduced rate of corporation tax (at 10%) in relation to profits earned from their patented inventions.

09 Jan 2022
Patenting software

Software is used to implement innovations in a very wide range of fields, from medical scanners to mobile phones, laptop computers to car engines, and even running fast food outlets or operating a pension scheme. In Europe, whether these innovations can be protected by a patent depends on one fundamental question. Is there a contribution to a field of technology?

06 Jan 2022
The Patent Prosecution Highway

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) provides a mechanism for accelerating examination of a patent application at a second patent office, if examination work has already been conducted at a first patent office with whom a PPH agreement is in place. If claims of an application have been found acceptable by a first office (often the office of first filing), accelerated examination of a corresponding application at a second office may be requested. The PPH allows a second patent office to make use of relevant work already conducted by a first office when examining an application.

28 Dec 2021
United Kingdom Trade Mark Protection

Registering your trade mark gives you the exclusive right to use your mark in the UK in relation to the goods/services covered by the registration.

04 Oct 2021
Registered designs can be an important part of an IP portfolio

Registered designs are cheap and straightforward to obtain, with protection being granted almost immediately in the UK and Europe. Although they are limited to the appearance of a product, they can be an effective tool to help protect against third parties producing identical (or sometimes similar) looking products.

08 Sep 2021
Supplementary Protection Certificates

A Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) is a form of intellectual property that can extend the protection of patented active ingredients present in pharmaceutical or plant protection products by up to five years.

06 Sep 2021
Protection for Plant Varieties in Europe

Whilst patent protection from the European Patent Office for individual plant varieties is excluded by Article 53(b) EPC, it is possible to obtain plant variety rights in Europe under the UPOV (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants) provisions by applying to the Community Plant Variety Office. In order to obtain plant variety protection in Europe, there are several requirements which must be met by the variety.

03 Sep 2021
Patenting Chemical and Pharmaceutical Inventions

Inventions in the chemical arts can encompass medicines and diagnostic materials, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, polymers, paints, inks and pigments, novel and high-tech materials, photochemistry, food technology, chemical engineering and many other fields. In many respects, patent practice in these areas is no different from that in other technical fields; however, there some special factors that may need to be considered.

01 Sep 2021
Grant stage of European Patents

The responsibility for examining European patent applications rests with an Examining Division. Once the Examining Division is satisfied that an application complies with all the requirements of the European Patent Convention (EPC), the applicant is notified of the intention of the European Patent Office (EPO) to grant a patent.