Dehns has been working with this particular University Technology Transfer Office for almost 10 years.

The TTO had submitted an application for funding for one of their projects but it was initially rejected because they had overlooked the importance of their intellectual property. The IP section of their funding application was deemed inadequate so they asked for our help.

Dehns offered valuable support by taking on the entire intellectual property section of the project to help demonstrate to the funding body that the client had taken the issues seriously.

We worked out a searching strategy to include patentability and appropriate territorial searches for freedom to operate. These were very different searches which required us to use our understanding of the technology and possible competing techniques.

Although we were working to a tight timescale and a set budget, once we had the results of the searches we were able to analyse them fully and prepare a report that was in a format they could use directly in their grant application. Our attorneys made sure the final report gave substantive and comprehensive advice but also considered the end user by making sure it was written for consideration by non-legal professionals.

Dehns produced a report that was ready to be dropped into the client’s final application, thereby taking the pressure off them and enabling them to concentrate on other sections. The client completely trusted us to take on this section of their funding document, and all in a short time frame.