George Potter

Technical Assistant


George joined the Dehns Engineering Group in September 2023 as a  Technical Assistant. He graduated from the University of Southampton in 2023 with a Bachelors degree in Ship Science, where his studies focused on offshore renewable energy solutions. George also received the Ship Science Award for Marine Craft Concept Design (2022) for his work on a low emission wind farm support vessel.


Higher Education

BSc Ship Science, University of Southampton, 2023



As part of his degree, George studied the fundamental concepts associated with ship manoeuvring and a range of computational, experimental and analytical techniques for the assessment of directional stability. This knowledge was utilised in his dissertation where he produced a dynamic model to test the speed and position of rowing craft using a range of stroke inputs. George is familiar with the various common propulsors used in the maritime industry, and how these affect the manoeuvrability of the vessel when used in conjunction with the steering gear. He also has significant background knowledge on the subject including current inter-ship communications systems, the IALA buoyage system, basics of the sea trials procedure and the maritime safety context within which the importance of navigational competency fits. Furthermore George has experience operating LED displays for the navigation of small craft along the south coast of England, including in congested waterways such as the Solent.


Contact details

33 Colston Avenue
United Kingdom

+44 (0)117 374 7600


mechanical engineering