At a time when everyone is understandably rather nervous about the future, especially for society’s most vulnerable groups, it’s always good to highlight positive news stories, especially those related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Japanese multinational FUJIFILM, previously well known for its imaging and photography products, is an example of a company which has undergone an aggressive technology transformation process to reposition itself as an advanced technology company to include MedTech and pharmaceuticals. This is the same technology transformation process that several other multinational organisations have gone through and are working towards.

FUJIFILM, one of Dehns’ largest clients, now creates innovative products in a wide variety of fields to, in their words: “serve society and contribute to quality of life”. FUJIFILM’s slogan is “Value through Innovation” and that is exactly what they deliver.

Medical authorities in China have just announced that a drug, favipiravir, developed by one of FUJIFILM’s subsidiary companies for various strains of influenza, had produced encouraging results for those with mild to moderate symptoms of coronavirus. This follows clinical trials involving 340 patients in Wuhan and Shenzhen. This is positive news and gives rise to much needed optimism, although clearly there will be some time before this potential treatment passes through medical trials.

However, it does show that companies around the world do have the ability to diversify and that through the power of human ingenuity, innovation and ever-evolving technology, companies at the cutting edge of technology will play a key role in coming up with a vaccine for this virus, for other viruses, illnesses and diseases, as well as for other major issues such as global climate change.

As long as organisations like FUJIFILM continue to diversify and innovate for the sake of society, then we can all rest slightly easier.


“Medical authorities in China have said a drug used in Japan to treat new strains of influenza appeared to be effective in coronavirus patients, Japanese media said on Wednesday.”


Photograph: John Morillo/AP