We recruit exceptional graduates and post-graduates who are stimulated by working in the field of innovation and motivated by the breadth of work on offer.

Trainee patent attorney

Becoming a patent attorney provides a unique opportunity to combine science and law. In order to train as a patent attorney you will require a scientific (STEM) degree; however no prior legal qualifications are required as legal training will be provided as part of your role.

Daniel Hurst

career stories

Daniel’s story

Daniel graduated from the University of York in 2019 with a First Class Honours MChem degree, with a year in industry spent within AstraZeneca’s Early Discovery Oncology Chemistry team. During his final year, Daniel investigated the synthesis and use of Aryl Halides in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, focusing on the development of a late-stage fluorination reaction. Prior to joining Dehns in 2021, Daniel worked in the Cooper Group at the University of Liverpool, researching the use of mobile robotics for organic chemistry.

Daniel’s story

Trainee trade mark attorney

As a trade mark attorney you will advise clients on the creation and protection of their trade marks. No prior legal qualifications are required as legal training will be provided as part of your role.

Charlotte Ginnaw

Career stories

Charlotte’s story

Charlotte joined the firm in 2021, after graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2021 with a degree in Geography. Find out more about her experience of working at Dehns.

Charlotte’s Story
"The impression I had of Dehns was that it was a very approachable firm with values that seemed to align with my own. Also Dehns’ long history and reasonable size made it feel like a very safe pair of hands to help guide me through my training."
Rosie Lawrence
Technical Assistant

We are seeking people who have the potential to truly excel in their chosen field.

You will therefore need to demonstrate for both patents and trade mark roles:

  • An ability to analyse and interpret complex technical matters
  • Strong organisational skills
  • An ability to think laterally
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • An excellent command of written and spoken English language to advise on technical and legal issues in understandable terms
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • A fundamental sense of commerciality


Technical requirements

  • Excellent academic ability – you must achieve, or have achieved, a minimum 2.1 undergraduate degree result in your field of study (scientific (STEM) degree for patent attorneys; any degree discipline for trade mark attorneys)
  • For trade mark roles a qualification or fluency in at least one other language is advantageous
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