The majority of our clients are SMEs, ranging from independent inventors considering their Intellectual Property (IP) for the first time, to University academics and spin‑out companies and new or established small manufacturing companies.

This is a diverse group whose needs are not all the same, however common themes arise again and again: value, accessibility and transparency, on top of a need for first rate and pragmatic advice. Our charges to individuals and small enterprises reflect our understanding that income generated by the IP may be some way off and that we are embarking on a collaborative effort which we all hope will bear long term fruit.

Often the first, most important and most expensive IP purchase is the initial filing. If this is well done, through good communication about the content and timing of the application, then it puts the inventor and/or their company in a much stronger position years down the line when the application is examined and possibly enforced.

Unfortunately for applicants, there are some mistakes which cannot be rectified after the application has been filed and a poor job may not look so different from a good job at first sight.

Our specialised technology groups mean that we are confident of our ability to have a productive dialogue with inventors and companies about their work, as well as to bring relevant experience from drafting and prosecuting cases relating to similar or analogous subject matter.


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