Tim Wilson


Dispute Resolution Expertise

After graduating with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford in 2001, Tim spent five years working for Sharp Corporation, inventing new technologies for the consumer-electronics market, before joining Dehns in 2006 to train as a patent attorney. He is a European and UK Chartered Patent Attorney and a representative before the Unified Patent Court. Tim was made Partner in 2018.

He is experienced in advising clients on assessing and responding to potential and actual litigation threats. He has been involved in dispute resolution processes including mediation and settlement negotiations. He has also been heavily involved in defending a complex and long-running patent litigation case for a client in the United States courts, where he worked closely with US attorneys, expert witnesses and others. He also advises on dealing with suspected IP infringement. While Tim has initiated patent infringement proceedings in the English courts in the past, he always seeks to find pragmatic and commercially-appropriate strategies for resolving disputes, in as a cost-effective manner as possible

Tim  works in the fields of computer systems, software, electronics, signal processing medical technology and mechanical engineering. With a strong background in mathematics, he is especially well equipped to handle highly-mathematical inventions in areas such as cryptography, statistics, artificial intelligence and signal processing. In addition to drafting new patent applications, he has considerable experience in seeing patent applications through to grant before patent offices around the world, as well as advising on questions of infringement and validity.

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