This week it is Mental Health Awareness Week.  This serves as a timely reminder that, particularly during the current coronavirus crisis, it is important that we are all looking after our mental health.

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week this year is about kindness.  Now more than ever it is extremely important that we look out for each other.  The new ‘normal’ has changed the way we are currently living and working. We are not able to see friends, family and colleagues in the way that we are used to. Perhaps use this week to contact any friends, family, or colleagues that you haven’t been in touch with for a while.  Consider a video chat just to catch up, or to watch a film together; or simply send a card, text or email – we get a feel-good factor from helping others that is great for our own mental health and wellbeing.

If you ever feel like you are struggling to cope, please contact a friend, family member or someone else that might be able to help in some way.