For a number of years, including in the time since the UK left the EU, trade mark professionals in Jersey had understood and advised that EU trade mark registrations provided automatic protection in Jersey. However, this is no longer considered to be the case.

It is expected that a number of trade mark owners will have been counting on their EU trade mark registrations to protect their trade marks in Jersey. In light of the recent announcement, such trade mark owners are advised to urgently seek alternative protection in Jersey.

Trade marks can be protected in Jersey by “re-registering” UK trade marks, without substantive re-examination. This option is therefore available to those who own or obtain national UK trade mark registrations.

UK designations of International (Madrid Protocol) Trade Mark Registrations are automatically protected in Jersey, without the need for re-registration.

To ensure your trade marks are protected in Jersey, or for further information regarding this change, please get in touch with your usual Dehns contact or email us at We will confirm whether you currently have any trade mark protection in Jersey, and advise on any new applications / re-registrations that may be required.