Oslo Innovation Week (OIW) is an umbrella event that includes over 60 events hosted by both Norwegian and international incubators, investors, and startup ecosystem builders in Oslo, Norway. The event brings forward new voices and innovation in action through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. Each year, we look forward to participating as OIW gives a platform for those looking at bold solutions to solve global challenges.

Adhering to OIW’s purpose of creating sustainable solutions by pushing the world forward through collaboration, the theme for our event this year was “Greentech, circular economy and open innovation – the role of intellectual property”. Intellectual property plays an important part of open source software, the sharing of data and collaborative innovation and Greentech innovations often depend on collaborations and standards, while a circular economy will only develop with bold new business models.

Haakon Thue Lie, IP Management Consultant in Dehns’ Oslo office, hosted the discussion and assembled a fantastic panel of experts. With expertise spanning Greentech, sustainable investment and circular economy, the panellists shared their experiences of developing new green technologies and services – from the perspective of innovation and technology management.

Our discussion touched upon:

  • The greatest barriers to the successful implementation of sustainable solutions
  • IP as a tool to protect ideas, control innovation and share knowledge
  • Applying existing economic profit models to circular economies and environmental technologies
  • The role of digitalisation in sustainable solutions
  • Investment in sustainable solutions
  • The need for cross disciplinary partnerships in the creation of Greentech and how to navigate contractual and IP challenges that arise out of these partnerships

We’d like to thank our panellists for their time and input, which resulted in a very interesting and thought-provoking discussion.

Our expert panel:

Haakon Thue Lie, IP Management Consultant – Dehns
Suni Aranda, Business Developer and Principal Scientist – IFE (Institute for Energy Technology)
Knut Jørgen Egelie, Head of IP Management – NTNU Technology Transfer AS
Bjørn Simonsen, CEO – Saga Pure ASA
Michael Curtis, Founder & CEO – Loopfront AS

Additional thanks to Guro Solem, CEO of Winns AS, who participated in the preparatory discussions but was unable to join us for the live event.