Although having been talked about for a number of years, the Internet of Things appears to have not yet truly got off the ground.

The reasons for this are not immediately apparent. Is it that the technology is not yet mature enough? Possibly, although many companies are investing large amounts of money in research and development, and many patent applications in this area have been filed, indicating that companies are rushing to protect their intellectual property.

Furthermore, the European Commission has launched a plan to invest €120 bn in a “Digital Single Market” that includes the Internet of Things as a key part along with cloud computing and cyber security.

Is it that standards have not yet been set to enable a common framework with which to work? Although some standards have been established it seems that there are a number of differing standards competing to be the one that triumphs. Until this time it may be that some companies are unwilling to back a horse that may fall by the wayside. We all still remember VHS v Betamax…

Or could it be that there is not the same desire for an Internet of Things as there was for other emerging technologies, such as smartphones? People may not want every single device in their life talking to each other and taking decisions over how to operate. A fridge that talks to a washing machine anyone?

I am sure that the Internet of Things will continue to develop and to become part of our lives, almost certainly for the better, but the form and extent of it is still in the making.


“Amid huge amounts of noise and hype many IT professionals believe that much of the technology constituting the IoT is too immature for them to dive in just yet or they cannot see any compelling case for it, although few doubt that the time will come.”