The UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has launched a call for views on industrial strategy. Anyone who uses the Intellectual Property (IP) system is invited to comment by 15 November 2017.

A key aim of the consultation is to establish what can be done to encourage innovators to engage in more collaboration and commercialisation; to stimulate knowledge exchange; and to promote follow-on innovation. A reform of the UK’s IP regime not envisaged – instead, the aim is to identify targeted, non-regulatory interventions the IPO could make.

The consultation document can be accessed here. Respondents can comment on any of the following issues, more details of which are given in the consultation document. Alternatively or in addition, respondents are invited to submit their own ideas.

IP Trading platforms

The IPO is keen to receive suggestions as to what could be done to increase the amount of IP trading through the use of trading platforms. Anyone who has used IP trading platforms is invited to share their experiences.

B2B model IP agreements 

It is recognised that Lambert Model IP Agreements have helped to facilitate collaboration between universities and businesses (see here for our guidance in this regard). Proposals are invited for an equivalent toolkit relating to business to business collaborations.

Voluntary IP Register 

Comments are requested on the pros and cons of a voluntary IP register, particularly in the fields of copyright and unregistered design right.

New financial products 

An IP finance toolkit was released in 2015, but the IPO is keen to hear suggestions as to what more could be done to help businesses to access lending based on their intangible IP assets.

IP Licensing resolution

Views are sought on a proposal to introduce a tribunal for the determination of licensing disputes between organizations operating in a field involving standards-reliant technologies.

Royalty-free patents 

Should the IPO build an open-source option into its patent system?

IP valuation standards 

Comments are invited on current IP valuation methods and on how barriers to access IP valuation could be overcome. In particular, there is a proposal for government regulated standard valuation methods.

Responses should be sent to by 15 November 2017.


“We are looking for your views on a range of specific ways we can get innovators to work together more effectively and get the most out of their IP.”