The Guardian reports that Brexit negotiations are set to begin in earnest on 19 June, a mere six days after the UK Parliament reconvenes following the General Election.

According to the report, negotiations are planned to take place in four-week cycles, each focusing on a different “key issue”.

Further concrete details are not yet known but should emerge in due course.

One crucial topic which is likely to be on the negotiating table is the future relationship between the UK and the Unified Patent Court system.  As recently as 19 April, it was confirmed in the House of Lords that “No decision has been taken on our future involvement in the court once we have left the EU. That will be part of the negotiations which have not yet begun.”

Anyone with an interest in intellectual property rights should therefore  keep an eye open for any details of how and when discussions will take place on the UPC as well as on issues such as copyright, trade marks, designs, SPC’s, and  other aspects of IP law which are governed wholly or in part by EU legislation.

Our guide to the possible effects of Brexit on IP rights can be downloaded here.  Updated information will be provided when further details of the negotiations are available.


The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has pencilled in 19 June for the first formal day of talks with Britain about its withdrawal from the European Union, in what are being billed as the most important negotiations in the country’s history.