Nokia and Apple have a long history of patent litigation. For example, in October last year, Nokia won a case in the US against Apple going back to 2010, with Apple found to infringe a patent co-owned by Nokia. Soon after, in December 2016, Nokia sued Apple again, alleging infringement of a number of Nokia’s patents in the US and Europe. The patents related to a variety of different technologies, including chipsets, video encoding, antennae and displays.

However, in an uncharacteristically swift resolution to this latest litigation, which apparently caught Nokia by surprise, Apple have signed an agreement with Nokia to licence a number of their patents for multiple years. The deal includes an upfront payment from Apple to Nokia and additional revenues in subsequent years of the agreement.

The agreement is not limited solely to Apple licensing some of Nokia’s patents but also includes an aspect of business collaboration. Under this, Nokia will be providing certain network infrastructure products and services to Apple, and Apple will resume stocking Nokia’s digital health products (formerly under the Withings brand) in their stores.


“The new agreement will see Nokia provide “certain network infrastructure product and services” to Apple. In turn, Apple will once again begin carrying Nokia’s digital health products.”