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24 Oct 2023
Brand Protection in a Global Market

A good brand name immediately distinguishes a business from its competitors and, over time, can become an extremely valuable asset in its own right. It is vital that businesses protect their brands and this is primarily done by means of trade mark registration.

24 Oct 2023
WEBINAR: The Patenting of AI inventions

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are technologies that are being exploited in many different industries. Patents are often sought for new inventions using these technologies, however different jurisdictions assess the patentability of such inventions in different ways that may lead to some stumbling blocks.

23 Oct 2023
Can the public gain access to documents filed at the Unified Patent Court?

Dehns’ UPC representative Laura Ramsay is already finding there are controversial procedural issues arising in the cases that she’s handling at the new Unified Patent Court (UPC). Here, she reports on how the question of public access to documents has been interpreted in contrasting ways by different divisions of the UPC.

17 Oct 2023
The MOTOWN Trade Mark

We highlight an iconic global trade mark of African-American origin, dating from 1959, a time before US segregation was outlawed (1964) and before Black people were allowed to vote in the US (1965).

17 Oct 2023
AI in the Automotive sector

Andreas Senft and Marcus Grunert, Partners at Dehns, discuss the rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence affecting our daily life and profoundly changing most industry and technology sectors, including automotive.

16 Oct 2023
The difference between trade marks, patents, copyright and designs

The term intellectual property (IP) refers to a variety of different types of legal rights. It can be quite confusing for business owners to know what IP rights they have, or what rights they should be seeking.

12 Oct 2023
The end of the EPO 10-day rule

The EPO is changing the way that the deadline for responding to a communication, such as an examination report, is calculated.  The EPO’s “10-day postal rule” will not apply to communications issued from 1 November 2023, meaning that applicants will have a shorter period for responding to such communications.

01 Aug 2023
eXtraordinary idea or eXpensive mistake? The trade mark issues at the heart of Twitter’s re-brand to “X”

Since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, major controversial changes have been implemented to the social media network and at the company itself, such as tweet viewing limits, purchasable blue ticks and mass staff lay-offs.  Trade Mark Assistant Nikolle Medford discusses Musk’s latest announcement, Twitter’s re-brand to “X”, and the existing trade mark rights in the letter X.

29 Jun 2023
Intellectual property, fashion, and the metaverse: opportunities and risks at the intersection of law, art and computer science

For many of us, the metaverse may still be a rather vague and distant concept. However, for businesses the metaverse offers new and as yet unexplored commercial opportunities that should not be overlooked. This article explores the potential benefits of the metaverse (and Web 3.0 more generally) for businesses, and highlights some of the intellectual property considerations and risks that are associated with a move into this space.

23 Jun 2023
International Women in Engineering Day 2023 – An interview with Harriet Bird

As a diverse and inclusive workplace, we are extremely proud of the support and development we offer our female employees. Today we celebrate International Women in Engineering day so what better time to highlight the achievements of the women in our Engineering team by taking the time to find out what inspired them to pursue a career in engineering, what they enjoy most about their career and the exciting areas of technology that are peaking their interest at the moment.

We interviewed Harriet Bird, Technical Assistant in our Manchester office:

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