UPC Preparatory Committee Update

At the most recent UPC Preparatory Committee meeting in Luxembourg on 14 April 2016, a number of issues were discussed and a number of issues agreed. The key points to note were that:

  • A recruitment package was agreed for all judicial appointments and so a comprehensive recruitment campaign and process will begin in early May 2016
  • Bulgaria is now in a position to ratify the UPC Agreement by the end of April, which will bring the total number of ratifications to 10, meaning that just three more ratifications are required (including the UK and Germany) for the new system to come into effect.

With the above point in mind, it now looks increasingly likely that the Unitary Patent system will come into effect in early 2017 (subject to the outcome of the UK referendum in June 2016), so it is more important than ever to start thinking about what this could mean for you, your patents and your business, and the actions you need to take.

For further information, or to discuss your patent strategy in further detail, contact us on: upc@dehns.com