First job openings at the UPC

The UPC Preparatory Committee has now published the first job openings at the Unified Patent Court which are for legally qualified and technically qualified judges to serve at the Court of First Instance or at the Court of Appeal. Deadline for applications is 4 July 2016.

As per the “Information on the selection process of judges at the Unified Patent Court” document provided by the Preparatory Committee, the recruitment process will be as follows:

1. A first round of candidates’ selection will be carried out on the basis of answers provided in the Application Form, together with the candidates’ Curriculum Vitae, references and any other relevant document provided.

2. The candidates selected by the Advisory Committee on the basis of this first round of the selection process will be invited to an interview, carried out by members of the Advisory Committee. The interview will aim at evaluating skills necessary for judicial functions at the UPC, such as judicial ethics, experience in meeting tight deadlines, oral communication skills, the capacity to work in a multinational and multilingual environment, etc.

3. Following the first round of selection and the interviews, the Advisory Committee will present a list to the Administrative Committee, recommending the most suitable candidates for posts of judges at the UPC.

4. Based on this list, the Administrative Committee will appoint the necessary number of judges for a proper functioning of the UPC. When appointing judges, the Administrative Committee will ensure the best legal and technical expertise and a balanced composition of the UPC, on as broad a geographical basis as possible among nationals of the Contracting Member States.

For further information, including the qualities, qualifications and experience required of the successful applicants, together with other details, click HERE.


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