Overseas Trade Mark Protection

We have vast experience of securing foreign trade mark protection, and have  established strong commercial relations with trade mark attorneys in all parts of the world. We are able to advise on the costs and means of extending protection for your brand to other countries in the global market and to handle all aspects of securing overseas trade mark registrations. Many clients use us to manage their worldwide trade mark and domain name portfolios.

We spend a large part of our time filing trade mark applications directly before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (known as EUIPO), and dealing with any related official objections and/or third party oppositions through to securing registration of a EUTM which is then valid in all member states of the EU. This is a cost-effective method of securing EU protection for a brand with a single application. All of our trade mark attorneys are authorised to act before the EUTM Office.

We also file many applications for "International Registrations" before the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). These allow us to file a single application in English requesting protection for our clients' brands in any of the numerous countries which are party to the International Registration system for registering trade marks (known as the Madrid Protocol). These countries include the US, China, Japan and the EU. This is another highly cost-effective means of achieving global brand protection.

Outside of the EUTM and WIPO trade mark systems, we can obtain individual national trade mark registrations in specific countries of interest utilising our extensive network of trusted associate trade mark attorneys across the world.