Assignments, Licences and other Registrable Transactions

Trade marks are pieces of property and, as such, can be treated like any other type of personal property.  They can, for example, be bought and sold, licensed for use by third parties, and used as security against bank loans.

Assignments - A trade mark owner may sell his trade mark to a third party, either on a stand-alone basis or as part of a larger commercial transaction.  We can advise on all aspects of assignments, prepare assignment documents, and arrange for the recordal of assignments on trade mark registers around the world.

Licences - A trade mark owner may grant licences to third parties to allow them to use his trade mark in accordance with certain conditions.  In return, the third parties will usually pay a fixed fee or royalty.  We can advise on a range of licensing issues including the drafting of licence agreements and the recordal of licences on trade mark registers around the world.

Other Registrable Transactions - In addition to assignments and licences, we can advise on all other types of registrable transactions relating to trade marks, and can arrange for the recordal of the same where appropriate.

In some countries, the recordal of assignments, licences and other registrable transactions on the trade mark register is mandatory.  In other countries, it is recommended because of the advantages that recordal brings.  In a few countries, recordal is not possible.  We can advise on all recordal issues.