Samuel Cleary

IP Consultant
Samuel Cleary


Sam is a European and UK Patent Attorney. He joined Dehns in 2014 after completing an M.Eng. (Hons) degree in Electronic Engineering with Computer Science at University College London (UCL). He was made an IP Consultant of the firm in 2019.

Type of clients and client work

The clients Sam works with range from multinational blue-chip companies and SMEs through to start-ups and sole inventors. Beyond the UK and Europe, he has experience handling patent applications in a wide range of territories worldwide, and has particular experience with the US, Japan, China, and Taiwan. His work includes the drafting of new patent applications and prosecuting patent applications through to grant worldwide.

In his role as an IP Consultant, Sam offers expertise to start-ups regarding how best to capture innovative ideas and commercialise them, even from the very early stages in their life cycle. Sam offers workshops and bespoke advice to help guide fledgling organisations to steer their overall IP strategy to meet their wider business objectives.

Drawing on his experience building an intellectual property portfolio from a grassroots level, Sam helps start-ups fit their IP strategy within ‘the big picture’, and can work with such organisations to help set their business goals from an innovation and IP perspective.


Sam works on a wide variety of subject-matter in the fields of electronic engineering, telecommunications, and computer software. He has particular experience with patent applications relating to processor architectures, radio communications, signal processing, cryptography, image processing, sensors, and semiconductor devices including MEMS-based devices. He also has a keen interest in applications relating to virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Sam also has experience in the fields of mechanical, civil, and aeronautical engineering.

The expertise Sam offers as an IP Consultant is agnostic to technological field, however he works with others within Dehns to form cross-disciplinary teams where appropriate in order to provide clients with advice tailored specifically to the verticals and/or horizontals in which they operate.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • UK Patent Attorney, 2019
  • European Patent Attorney, 2018
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, 2015 (Brunel University)
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys
  • Member of the European Patent Institute

Higher Education

M.Eng. (Hons), Electronic Engineering with Computer Science, University College London, 2014

During his studies at UCL, Sam worked on a research project in photonics, modelling moth-eye anti-reflective nanostructures for use in thermochromic smart windows. He also worked on electrospinning organic nanofibres, developing software that could model an electric field surrounding electrospinning apparatus to aid in development of medical devices.