Paul Taylor

Technical Assistant
Paul Taylor


Paul joined Dehns in 2013 following the completion of his D.Phil in Biochemistry at Oxford University. Prior to that he completed an MBiochem degree in Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular) at Oxford University, which included modules in Structural Proteomics and Bionanotechnology.


Type of clients and client work 

Paul works for a variety of clients, from large multinational companies to small start-ups. His work includes drafting new patent applications, prosecution of patent applications in various countries around the world, freedom to operate advice, and advising on the patentability of new inventions.



He works in a variety of different areas in Biotechnology, and has particular experience in analyte detection methods. He has also worked in areas including genetically modified microorganisms, plant biology, diagnostic methods, immunotherapy, and medical devices.


Qualifications and Memberships 

  • Intellectual Property Law Post-Graduate Certificate, 2014 (Brunel University)
  • Student member of CIPA and EPI


Higher Education

MBiochem University of Oxford 2008

D.Phil Biochemistry University of Oxford 2013

Paul’s D.Phil was awarded in 2013 for his research into the interaction of the Notch receptor with its ligand, and how this interaction is modulated by glycosylation. Following completion of his D.Phil, he continued his research at Oxford University prior to joining Dehns.



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