Patent Mapping and Landscaping

There are many different ways to get an overview of a number of patent rights and the best approach will depend upon what outcomes are being sought.

Some of our clients are looking to move into a new technology area.  This might be a start-up or diversification of an existing business.  Here landscaping techniques can be used to gain an understanding of which areas are most densely covered, who the main players are and what the trends over time are.

Landscaping can also be used to look for opportunities.  One example of this is in identifying potential licensees for an existing technology by looking for other organisations who are also active in that area.  Another example would be to identify new areas which are ripe for development, perhaps because there has been less activity there so far.

As well as looking at the more general landscape we can also map a particular portfolio, for example to help identify licensing opportunities, as part of a valuation exercise, or simply to help senior management or investors to understand what IP the company holds.