IP Audits and Valuation

Understanding what Intellectual Property (IP) a company owns is an important first step to ensuring that they are getting maximum value from it.  We can help by establishing what you have, or what a potential investment target has, and assessing if necessary the strength of the rights and identifying any steps that could be taken to strengthen the portfolio.

An IP audit report can be tailored to your needs – whether for early stage business looking to identify potential IP assets, as an assessment of investment readiness or as an input to exit strategy.  We are experienced in providing IP audits funded by the UK IPO e.g. through the Growth Accelerator scheme.

We also offer a range of services to help gain an understanding of the potential value of the IP a business holds.

One of these services is a simple and highly cost-effective online tool which can be accessed by clicking HERE. By answering a few simple questions, this tool can provide a pragmatic indicative value of a business or business unit holding IP.  We can work through the tool with you to help clarify any of the terminology, and we can also immediately identify any actions you can take to enhance the value of your IP.

To access the tool, click HERE.

Of course, sometimes a more substantial analysis will be appropriate and here we can help to commission a fully researched valuation report based on in-depth market data.