Innovation Management Group

What can the Innovation Management Group offer start-ups?

In addition to providing a full spectrum of legal services relating to intellectual property (IP), the Innovation Management Group at Dehns offers consultancy-based services, using Dehns’ in-depth intellectual property and innovation expertise to give added value specifically tailored for start-up companies, particularly very early stage start-ups.

Investors will almost inevitably want an overview of your current IP situation, what rights you have, and what your plans are for deriving value and protecting your innovations, both those that are already developed but also those that are in the development pipeline.

How can the Innovation Management Group help start-ups?

From the Pre-Seed stage all the way through to Series C, it is critically important that start-up companies have plans in place to safeguard your IP and to assess the impact of third party IP. It is never too early to put these plans in place, and the risks from not having given proper consideration to IP can be high. We can help you formulate these plans and make sure you have a good handle on IP issues throughout your start-up’s life cycle.

We appreciate that the world of intellectual property is complex, and is often seen as impenetrable to start-ups that are running with lean-yet-agile business models. At Dehns we have a wealth of experience of working with start-ups.  We cast aside the legal jargon and speak to you in real terms that are easy to understand, and give practical and pragmatic advice that you can apply immediately.

How does the Innovation Management Group work with start-ups?

In addition to our consultancy services, the Innovation Management Group at Dehns offers a one-day workshop package in which we work with you to gain an understanding of your current IP.  We also offer an “IP Healthcheck” service where we will carry out an audit of your current IP situation and help you plan for the future.

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