StartupLab IP Clinic

During Oslo Innovation Week you may be thinking more about how to protect your innovations and your other Intellectual Property. The law provides various ways to protect your Intellectual Property Rights. You may be aware that the patent attorney firm Dehns and the law firm Steenstrup Stordrange act in partnership with StartupLab and offer you support in relation to Intellectual Property and other areas of law.  

In parallel with Oslo Innovation Week Dehns and Steenstrup Stordrange are offering the opportunity for in-depth discussions at no costs.  If you would like us to book a meeting with Dehns or with Steenstrup Stordrange then please fill in the adjacent form and give us some details of what you wish to discuss. We can then set a time for a meeting during Oslo Innovation Week.  We will also have attorneys available during Oslo Innovation Week with the possibility to provide advice without any pre-booked meeting, although with those meetings the time available for discussion may be shorter than with a pre-booked meeting.

Before deciding if you would like our input you may find it useful to review the attached IP checklist, which sets out a number of areas that all start up companies should consider.