Dehns recruits 13 Technical Assistants

We are delighted to welcome 13 new Technical Assistants to the firm, all of whom are starting their careers at Dehns this autumn.

In the London office we were joined in September by:

  • James Godfrey – Engineering Group
  • Eden Winlow – Engineering Group
  • Conor Wilman - Engineering Group
  • David Fleming - Chemical Group

Oxford has welcomed:

  • Amelia Huggan – Engineering Group
  • Erica Thake - Engineering Group
  • Robert Saxby – Engineering Group
  • Paul Brack – Chemical Group

In Brighton we are joined by:

  • Endora Miles-Wilson – Engineering Group
  • Róza Villő Vőfély – Engineering Group
  • Duke Quinton - Biotechnology Group

In Manchester, we will soon be joined by:

  • Kiran Joshi – Engineering Group

While in Munich we will be joined in October by:

  • Andrew Sharpe – Engineering Group

Managing Partner Elizabeth Jones commented, “I am delighted to welcome our new Technical Assistants to the team, and I wish them all the very best for a long and successful career here at Dehns.”

Graduate Recruitment Partner Elaine Deyes added: “We have recruited 13 exceptional graduates who, with our comprehensive training programme and their exposure to a wide range of IP work, will become outstanding patent attorneys, continuing to provide the highest levels of service for which we are known.”

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