Dehns joins the Oslo Cancer Cluster

We are pleased to announce that Dehns has recently joined the Oslo Cancer Cluster.

The Oslo Cancer Cluster is an oncology research and industry cluster dedicated to accelerating the development of new cancer diagnostics and therapies.  OCC members who are pioneering research in cancer and immunotherapies include biotech companies, research institutes, hospitals, national patient registries and tech transfer offices. 

Dehns has become one of 75 members from Norway and Northern Europe representing the entire oncology value chain.  Dehns has a 40 year history of working with innovative Norwegian organisations, including many current and former OCC members such as Dynal, Inven2, Lytix, Biopharma, Algeta, Nextera, NMBU, NTNU, Nycomed, PCI Biotech and Photocure.

We look forward to working even more closely with OCC members regarding their innovations and intellectual property (IP).  We understand the importance of IP protection in this sector after many years of working with cancer-related inventions both in the OCC and beyond.  In 2001 “Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Inventions” approached Dehns with a brilliant radiopharmaceutical technology but four stalling patent applications.  With Dehns’ assistance, by 2014 that number had risen to over 400 patents and applications and under their new name of “Algeta” the OCC member company was bought by Bayer Healthcare for $2.9bn.

OCC incubator: