Working on a wide range of technology fields for TTO inventions

Oxford University Innovation Ltd (OUI – formerly known as Isis Innovation) is the Technology Transfer Office of Oxford University.

Dehns has been working with OUI for many years and has established an excellent working relationship with them, working on a very wide range of technology fields for many of their inventions.


Much of the new technology and ideas that come out of the Oxford University are genuinely cutting edge, ground-breaking and extremely technical.  As 40% of Dehns Attorneys have PhDs, we are able to ensure that our teams fully understand the complexities and detail of any technology ranging from physics to biotechnology and from engineering to chemistry.


Over the last couple of years, Dr Mark Bell, Associate at Dehns, has been working closely with one of OUI’s Technology Transfer Managers on a number of complex physics inventions covering a wide variety of topics including: quantum computing, atomic physics, optics, wireless charging and magnetic microparticles.  In the last 12 months, Mark has drafted and filed 7 new patent applications on behalf of OUI.


Mark has become seen as one of Dehns’ go-to people in any physics related inventions for OUI. OUI have been very impressed with the rate at which Mark gets up to speed and familiarises himself with a new technology. This has helped further enhance the relationship between OUI and Dehns as OUI know they will be dealing with individuals who not only understand the law around patents, but also, more importantly, the complex technologies involved in the inventions.

This is demonstrated by the following two emails sent to Mark on two unrelated patent applications:

“Just a note to say I read through the revised draft. I think this is now excellent — well done for fixing up the last few points we had discussed. Actually it’s very impressive how you found a way to work the Doppler cancellation conditions. Neat.”

    – Dr Joshua Nunn, Royal Society Research Fellow, Department of Physics, Oxford University

 “Thank you for your input today. I am impressed with how quickly you understand the technology.”

    – Dr Robert Evans, Technology Transfer Manager, OUI