The importance of protecting your IP

Isle of Man based Strix is the world's No.1 manufacturer of controls, and water heating systems for domestic appliances. Strix were recently involved in legal action to protect their intellectual property (IP) rights and position as a world leader.

On April 29, 2016, Strix filed an action against a U.S. based supplier of electric kettles fitted with connectors made in China and branded ‘Liang Ji’ in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. In its complaint, Strix accused the supplier of infringing one or more claims of U.S. Patent No. 5,971,810 (“’810 patent”).  Strix and the supplier have resolved their respective claims and defenses with a settlement agreement, the terms of which are confidential. Under this agreement, the supplier has paid Strix a settlement fee and promised to cease sale of cordless electric water kettles through expiration of the ‘810 patent.

Dehns’ role

Dehns has acted for Strix since its inception in 1982 and drafted the company’s original patent application for thermostatic control units.
Many patents have been filed and enforced during our long standing relationship with Strix, but the patent which led  to this latest successful outcome for Strix was originally drafted in the 1990s. This particular case demonstrates the importance of effectively protecting your IP, so it stands the test of time and keeps your innovation secure.
Investing in global protection early on has allowed Strix to maintain their strong market share by reducing the threat from its competitors.  It has also helped Strix to guard their reputation by preventing copies of their products that may fail to meet the relevant safety standards.

The future

Dehns continues to work closely with Strix to protect and future proof their patent portfolio as they invest in bringing new technologies to the global marketplace.