Helping a medtech start-up go global

ConceptoMed AS was founded in March 2012 by an entrepreneurial team comprising a medical doctor, an industrial designer and an experienced business adviser. The aim of the company is to develop and commercialise smart medtech solutions, starting with product lines relating to needle procedures (the most common of all medical procedures).

As the company always had its eye an international market, the ConceptoMed team required robust advice on patent strategy and how to build an effective and protected portfolio of worldwide IP rights which would help to enable commercialisation and further investment in the company.

Dehns was recommended to ConceptoMed through our successful work with other Norwegian start-ups and the two teams started working together in March 2012. We act beyond the traditional role of an external patent attorney and instead provide the equivalent of an in-house IP function, actively harvesting inventions throughout the product design process and advising on the best strategy to achieve international protection.

We have been embedded in ConceptoMed’s design process from day one: holding regular meetings to review the product development process, providing tailored prior art searching, advising on patentability and suggesting how to cover potential workarounds, reviewing priority applications and adding further technical information to strengthen coverage, considering competitor IP and the patent landscape.

We work directly with CEO Christian Mide and the design team at K8 Industridesign. ConceptoMed has been through several rounds of early stage investment, and we have recently accelerated patent applications through to grant and used the Patent Prosecution Highway to demonstrate the viability of the portfolio; this has had a direct and beneficial impact on the growth of the company. We have also worked closely with Christian and his team during their commercial negotiations, for example advising on the content of NDAs and commercial presentations.

Since April 2012, Dehns has drafted and filed over 50 patent applications across 8 families, as well as a number of design registrations and trade marks. Patents have so far been granted in 4 families, and applications are pending in a number of territories including UK & Europe, PCT, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, and Russia.

In 2015 ConceptoMed entered the first phase of product realisation; international distribution agreements have been signed and CE Mark approval has been received for the “Luer-Jack” syringe. During the next phase, we will work closely with ConceptoMed to ensure that final product refinements are covered by their IP portfolio and new IP associated with packaging, etc. is captured as the company approaches product launch.