Defending portfolios and reassuring investors

Green Biologics Ltd. is a market-leading renewable chemicals company focused on developing and delivering new green alternatives for everyday products. The company was founded in 2003 to develop and commercialise advanced microbial technology for the production of renewable chemicals and biofuels.

Dehns has been working with Green Biologics since 2006, when the company was just Dr Green (the founder) and five scientists. The relationship started when Dehns Partner, Philip Webber, met Dr Green at an industry event. Following further meetings, Philip was asked to draft and file Green Biologics’s first patent applications relating to the genetic engineering of bacteria to make butanol.


Recently, a potential investor in Green Biologics Ltd. was conducting due diligence in the company and wanted to review the IP held within Green Biologics Ltd. to ascertain the strength and scope of the various patents/applications.  The investor arranged a telephone conference with Dr Green, which was attended by the investor, the investor’s patent attorney and Dehns Partner Philip Webber.


The investor’s patent attorney performed in depth due diligence of the Green Biologics patent portfolio. At the meeting, Philip was able to defend the portfolio and reassured the investor’s patent attorney and the investor that all of the issues raised were fully covered, and that the patents offered the best possible protection to the various technologies owned by Green Biologics Ltd.


In this case, the investor was persuaded by the strength of the patents and Green Biologics’s technology, and subsequently over US$40 million in total equity investment over a number of rounds from this and co-investors was provided.

This one example demonstrates how Dehns has supported Green Biologics Ltd. throughout the years, and has helped the company grow from a six-person team, to a company that now employs over 40 people in the UK with over 70 more in GBL-owned US subsidiaries. Dehns has now filed more than 50 patent applications on behalf of Green Biologics Ltd.  Philip Webber spends one day per month at Green Biologics’s offices, working with their legal and technical teams in a quasi in-house IP capacity, advising and consulting on any IP issues and developments.


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