Supporting the growth of a medtech company

Creavo Medical Technologies is developing diagnostics technology for acute medical settings. The company was spun out from the University of Leeds in 2014; however Dehns have been working with the inventors at the University of Leeds since 2010.



Creavo are developing a portable medical device that can be used in a routine and acute hospital setting to image the heart which requires IP protection. The device allows healthcare professionals to perform a simple and passive scan at the patient’s bedside in around 3-5 minutes which can aid in the triage of patients presenting with chest pain.



Dehns drafted and filed an initial family of patent applications in 2012; between 2012 and 2018 this family has given rise to granted patents in 6 territories.

In the meantime, Creavo’s technology has been continuously evolving.  Creavo have relied on Dehns to firstly identify aspects of these developments that can be protected by IP, and to then advise on and take the steps necessary to obtain appropriate protection. We have accordingly drafted and filed four more patent applications, and also registered designs and trademarks for the device in Creavo’s key potential markets of Europe and the US.  We are also continuing to meet regularly with Creavo to try to identify further developments that should be protected by IP.



Creavo has successfully secured funding through a number of investment rounds, and is in the process of performing clinical trials in the UK and the US. The granted patents were recognised as being key factors in Creavo being able to raise capital from investors to continue with the development of the product.