Guiding our client through flotation

Camurus AB is a Swedish research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology company specialising in the commercialisation of innovative specialty medicines for treating serious and chronic diseases, where there are clear medical needs and potential to significantly improve treatment.

Dehns Partner, Chris Goddard, began working with Camurus  as a Dehns trainee in 2001 and has been in charge of their patent portfolio since 2003. Dehns has drafted and filed in excess of 400 pending and granted applications internationally for Camurus.

In order to promote Camurus’ continued growth and development, The Board of Directors applied for the Company’s shares to be listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. As a pharmaceutical company, they acknowledged how important their intellectual property (IP) portfolio was and contacted Dehns to help them through the flotation.

Dehns’ role

Camurus continually invest in their research and development so they wanted to make sure they were sufficiently protected, especially because their value lies in the proprietary nature of their technology. Dehns assisted the important process by working closely with bankers and overseas coordinators, to provide reports and assessments for accurate valuation. This included due diligence of their portfolio which would help give investors’ confidence in purchasing shares.

Commercial success

Without assistance from Dehns, Camurus may not have been able to offer commercial protection for their technology, which helped them to be seen as an attractive investment on Nasdaq Stockholm. Chris Goddard’s long term relationship with them placed Dehns in an excellent position to advise and justify the strength of their portfolio and make the process as seamless as possible.  Ultimately the offering was successful and heavily oversubscribed.