Working with Solicitors

Dehns has considerable experience of working with solicitors.

In a number of cases we handle the IP requirements of a client jointly with a firm of solicitors. Typically, we will deal with the filing of applications to register trade marks or designs, while the solicitors provide commercial advice and handle contentious matters. The aim is to provide the client with a cost-effective service by distributing work as appropriate and avoiding duplication of effort.

We provide support services to solicitors in contentious IP matters, and in particular in the context of patent disputes. We can provide advice on whether there is infringement of a patent, and assist in the design of an alternative product or process which will not infringe. If the validity of a patent is in issue, we can organise searches and assist in formulating attacks. We have significant experience of both launching and defending opposition proceedings in the European Patent Office and have worked on such cases with solicitors who are handling a corresponding action in the Courts.

We provide due diligence services, ranging from formal checks on the details of IP rights to a full study of those rights and providing advice on their strength. If required, we can arrange freedom to operate searches and advise on the results.