Universities / Research Organisations

The patent attorneys at Dehns are experienced in working closely with a large number of UK universities as well as universities in Europe, particularly those in Scandinavia.  We therefore know and understand the key issues facing such organisations.  Due to our size and the breadth of technical expertise within the firm, we are able to handle cases in all areas of technology.

Much of our work with universities is aimed at raising awareness of IP issues amongst university researchers, students and staff.  This is done in a number of ways, including giving seminars and providing IP clinics and workshops for which we make no charge.  By increasing awareness of IP, this helps not only to identify potential IP at an early stage, but also to reduce the risk that inventions and designs might be published before any IP protection is sought.

At Dehns we appreciate that cost is an important issue for our university clients and work hard to keep costs to a minimum.  We are able to provide high quality patent applications at a cost which is fixed in advance and highly competitive.